So here’s my problem….

I’ve gotten multiple emails, and comments in reviews of my last book, from readers wanting to know if I’m going to write Ryder’s story. The only answer I have right now is – I’m trying. I open Scrivener everyday, read through the 10,000 words I wrote prior to Our Kinda Love (OKL), then move on to one of the other 2 books I’m working on (not part of What Kinda Love series).

Here is my problem: I don’t like Ryder’s story.

Let me clarify… I want Ryder to meet a girl who brightens his already dark world. I want him to find a girl who makes him laugh after he’s had a hard day at his super secretive badass commando job. Unfortunately, that’s not the girl who falls into Ryder’s life.

Now, maybe you’re thinking “Hey dumbass, you’re writing the book so you can write in that happy girl for Ryder.” Trust me, I’ve tried.

Like I said, I started writing Ryder’s story before OKL. Actually, Shy’s epilogue was originally Ryder’s first chapter. That’s how well I know Ryder’s story. It all developed in my mind while writing Shy’s story. I know who he meets, and the tragic circumstances in which he meets her. I also know all the impossible situations they must endure to be together.

So, although I’ve tried to rewrite his story in my mind, it can’t be done. I know Ryder’s story, and I know my readers will love his story, but I want to write another happy, fun story, like Keegan’s. So basically, I need to stop pouting and get Ryder’s book out there to all of you.

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