* First Excerpt Share From OKL *

“I think we should talk about that sexy full body shiver you do whenever I touch you.”

What? No way I do that. Wait, I might do that. Crap, I need a quick cover.

I turn away with a grimace. “I’m sorry, I was trying to hide my disgust at your tiny little girl hands, but I guess I can’t hide my physical reactions.”

Adrian steps back, allowing his arms to fall from around my waist. He looks offended, so I know I hit my mark.

“My hands are not tiny,” he says, lifting them to my face.

I grimace again and take a step back. “Wow, up close they actually look like toddler hands.” I’m totally lying, of course. When he was cupping my ass a minute ago, they actually felt perfect. Thinking about those stupid non-tiny hands, I get lost in my own head.

When I hear him clear his throat, I know I’m busted even before I see the smug smile.

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