So here’s my problem….

I’ve gotten multiple emails, and comments in reviews of my last book, from readers wanting to know if I’m going to write Ryder’s story. The only answer I have right now is – I’m trying. I open Scrivener everyday, read through the 10,000 words I wrote prior to Our Kinda Love (OKL), then move on to one of the other 2 books I’m working on (not part of What Kinda Love series).

Here is my problem: I don’t like Ryder’s story.

Let me clarify… I want Ryder to meet a girl who brightens his already dark world. I want him to find a girl who makes him laugh after he’s had a hard day at his super secretive badass commando job. Unfortunately, that’s not the girl who falls into Ryder’s life.

Now, maybe you’re thinking “Hey dumbass, you’re writing the book so you can write in that happy girl for Ryder.” Trust me, I’ve tried.

Like I said, I started writing Ryder’s story before OKL. Actually, Shy’s epilogue was originally Ryder’s first chapter. That’s how well I know Ryder’s story. It all developed in my mind while writing Shy’s story. I know who he meets, and the tragic circumstances in which he meets her. I also know all the impossible situations they must endure to be together.

So, although I’ve tried to rewrite his story in my mind, it can’t be done. I know Ryder’s story, and I know my readers will love his story, but I want to write another happy, fun story, like Keegan’s. So basically, I need to stop pouting and get Ryder’s book out there to all of you.

* First Excerpt Share From OKL *

“I think we should talk about that sexy full body shiver you do whenever I touch you.”

What? No way I do that. Wait, I might do that. Crap, I need a quick cover.

I turn away with a grimace. “I’m sorry, I was trying to hide my disgust at your tiny little girl hands, but I guess I can’t hide my physical reactions.”

Adrian steps back, allowing his arms to fall from around my waist. He looks offended, so I know I hit my mark.

“My hands are not tiny,” he says, lifting them to my face.

I grimace again and take a step back. “Wow, up close they actually look like toddler hands.” I’m totally lying, of course. When he was cupping my ass a minute ago, they actually felt perfect. Thinking about those stupid non-tiny hands, I get lost in my own head.

When I hear him clear his throat, I know I’m busted even before I see the smug smile.

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Release date!

Our Kinda Love, Keegan and Adrian’s story, will be released on September 12th! I will be sharing quotes from the story between now and then, but for now, here is the synopsis:

Keegan Hughes is a fiercely independent, and annoyingly honest, college senior who believes in the zombie apocalypse. Her “unique qualities” entertain her friends and, unfortunately, attracts the attention of her new neighbor, Adrian Elliott.

Having been left behind by other men in her life, Keegan vowed to never trust another guy with her happiness. She’ll take what she wants from them, but they only get what she’s willing to give. When Adrian slams into her life, he tramples all over her rules and boundaries, constantly throwing her off balance.

Keegan can’t deny her physical attraction to Adrian, but his hyperactive, slightly delusional personality, is very unlike her usual type—confident, tattooed, alpha male. When Adrian makes a proposal that could benefit them both, Keegan knows it’s a horrible idea, but can’t resist his plea for her help.

Neither of them are prepared for the storm that’s created when their two very intense personalities come together. Will Keegan get the hell out before Adrian destroys every boundary she creates? If she stays, can Adrian get through his own real-life demons to be the first man in her life to make her a priority?

Cover Reveal

Well, after 5 months, my second novel – Our Kinda Love – is ready for the editor. It’s looking like I’ll have a publication date around mid August, if not sooner.

I’m so excited for all of you to read Keegan and Adrian’s story. I do have to tell you that this is a much different story than Shyanne’s. Where Shy’s was an emotional journey, Keegan’s is more comical. Plus, there is more talk of sex, Keegan’s violent tendencies shine through 😉 and, well… you just never know what Adrian is going to say… or do 🙂

I’m so excited about the cover, which was created by L.J. Anderson at Mayhem Cover Creations.
Synopsis coming soon!!


Shy Kinda Love

Shy Kinda Love is my debut novel. It was published on February 4, 2015. Since that time, it has received great reviews, and I’ve heard from many readers, who really connected with Shyanne Adams, and her story. I’m so grateful for my readers, and love to hear from them! So if you’ve read Shy Kinda Love, I would love to hear from you!